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We are located in the center of Korond, where you can join us for the unforgettable experience of visiting our unit known for manufacturing ceramics, decorated with Italian and traditional local handmade motives. These ceramics, besides being ornamental, are also very useful in everyday life.

The company started in 1998 and it gained worldwide a highly respected appreciation due to the Italian ceramics production. In order to offer a wide selection of products and to satisfy the requirements of all our customers, depending on the order, we develop new models of the products for special occasions such as weddings, rewards for sport events and many more. You can contact us regarding your preferences and orders in the main office: Korond, 595 or by phone at +0040744223141 telephone number.

En gros orders are also welcomed!

The company also owns an Italian Pizza place, where you can enjoy the taste of the prestigious Italian pizza and coffee!